ANG robot

Hip fracture recovery

ANG is currently being tested at MATIA’s centre in Spain. Working jointly with INRIA, they specified functionalities and scenarios for the ANG robot, aiming towards elders in need of mobility or rehabilitation assistance.

Patients who suffer from hip fracture and are in need of rehabilitation were proposed to try smart services using ANG instead of their classical two-wheeled walker. Frailty indicators as “slow walking speed” and “low activity” that can be monitored by ANG were selected for the test. Moreover, three scenarios have been developed to provide the best assistance aid to the patient and improving his/her rehabilitation:

1. The “Correct position” scenario: responding directly to the desires of the caregiver in terms of patient monitoring and fall prevention;

2. The scenario of “Static exercise”: detection of the correct position of the patient, localization of the patient, interaction of the patient with ANG and detection of potential risky situations;

3. The scenario of “Dynamic exercise”: aiming to assist the patient during a walk in terms of mobility aid, monitor him/her, and improve their rehabilitation by motivating it.