NAO robot

An intelligent and caring companion for elderly

The NAO robot is being tested at ORMYLIA in Greece, who provided the use case requirements and described the pilot scenarios regarding the technology illiterate elders and people with mild cognitive impairment. Two scenarios have being developed to perform initial trials with the NAO robot:

1. The “In-house Risk Detection” scenario: an experimentation room mimicking a home environment has been created, detecting hazards in the house like doors and windows left open and electrical devices forgotten switched on, aiming to enhance the independent living of the elderly targeting for their safety.

2. The “Passing Information group of functions” scenario: applications that will be developed to assist elderly connecting with family and friends through Skype calls and emails, to follow their medication routine, to be reminded for special events or dates like family birthdays, to create their own memory ball with all those memories they like to treasure like photos, favourite songs etc. and reproduce them at any time they want, as well as to enhance their attention through cognitive games.