Robotic Applications

The RAPP project provides an open-source software platform to support the creation and delivery of Robotic Applications (RApps), which, in turn, are expected to increase the versatility and utility of robots. These applications enable robots to provide physical assistance to people at risk of exclusion, especially the elderly, to function as a companion or to adopt the role of a friendly tutor for people who want to partake in the electronic feast but don’t know where to start.

So, the RAPP project deals with identifying the best ways to train and adapt robots to serve and assist people with special needs. To achieve this, one of the actions that RAPP implements is the creation of RApps based on adaptation to individuals and taking into account the special needs of elderly people, while respecting their autonomy and privacy. These RAPPs can be found in the RAPP repository and can be downloaded to your robot in order to extend its functionality.

RAPP adopts a distributed architecture, where the platform and the store are on the cloud, and the client is on the robot. In that sense, the host is the controller executing on the robot, and the guest is the controller or the services executing on the cloud. We consider both controllers as a single entity, separated only by a network socket. Together, they make up a RApp.


Some Robotic Applications that RAPP has created are mentioned below:

1. move_by_speech-easy

2. find_qr_speak_and_move

3. track_object_TLD

4. interact

5. send_email

6. cognitive_games

7. weather_report